Nov 11

Making an IT Friday

by muhunyogn

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It is yet another friday and I’m wondering what information technology you are using today.
Making an Information Technology Friday can be indeed interesting. A conscious effort to use Information Technology in a productive way. Ofcourse begin with the cellphone, by updating making the providers service upto date, deleting your inbox and voice mail to give room for more. Replying those sms and voice mail that came when you were driving or on another call and yes ensuring that your latest contact detailed is saved in full including forwarding that mms picture you keep forgetting.
Making an Information Technology Friday would then move to your Computer or Laptops. The basics of filing and organising your folders so that they are easily readable, updating the antivirus and software versions not forgeting data backups. Recheck your internet connectivity, are you getting the correct bandwidth? If so then skype calls and online gomeeting should be ok! For those on social media, update your status now..
Then ofcourse deal with the email. Read, Reply, forward and act on cleaing the inbox in time for next week. Well with all the focus you definately need to communicate something may be use the good old telephone? Call a friend one near and one far away, just wish them well.
I’m making an Information Technology Friday..Are you?